Achievement Assembly Winners

Every week all the class teachers will pick pupils from their class to celebrate their great achievements.

October Achievers

Foundation  6th October 2017

P1- Hannah & Jack

P2- Mylie & Ellie

P2/3 - Eden

SLU- Riley, Sophia & Mason

Key Stage1  6th October

P3- Marley & Tristan & Poppy

P4- Reece & Elisha

Key stage2  6th October

P5-Jayden & Kalim

P6- Dawson, Tia & Alex

P7- Jemma & Shelby

ISC- David

Maths Challenge  6th October


Carson Willis (P7) completed the rubix cube in 1 min 20 seconds with the whole school watching.

Foundation  13th October

P1- Rylie & Natalia

P2-Libby, Lexi & Aidan

SLU- Mason

Key Stage 1  13th October

P2/3- Ryan

P3- Kenzie & Leon

P4- Libby & Corey

SLU- Miller

Key Stage 2   13th October

P5- Kayden & Alli

P6- Kenzie, Lily & Taylor

P7- Bailie & Sophia

LSC- James & Kai

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